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Games Workshop Warcry: Rules: Tome of Champions (2020)

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Product description

Inside, you'll find:

  • Rules for deadly Trial of Champions campaigns – challenge yourself with Champion Mode, increasing the difficulty level of any campaign, including lasting injuries, limited resources, and more!
  • Triumph and Treachery Pit Fights – throw three or more warbands together in a frenzied bloodbath.
  • Explore the mysterious city of Soroth Kor in a brand new style of shared narrative campaign, including an optional Campaign Master to bring your stories together.
  • Expanded rules – including an updated Glory Points system and the integration of new factions from the Grand Alliance battletomes.
  • 8 new Fated Quests, including some that take place underground.
  • 5 new Challenge Battles – plus special rules to team up with a rival warband to take on roaming bands of Wild Fighters.
  • 4 new Lesser Artefacts – one for each Grand Alliance.
  • Matched Play updates for the 2020/2021 Season – including 6 additional Pitched Battle Battleplans, plus Hidden Agendas and rules for Escalation Tournaments.
  • New Roaming Beasts – Wild Cave Creatures and Restless Undead are ready to crash your party.
  • Alternative Rules for Terrain – try out three different ways to help you quickly generate interesting battlefields.

Copies of the Warcry Core Book and Warcry: Catacombs are required to make full use of the contents of this expansion.

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