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Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG: Age of Rebellion: Onslaught at Arda I

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Onslaught at Arda I is the first adventure supplement for the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Roleplaying Game, exploring the Rebel Alliance's desperate struggles, along with the tenuous alliances they form to stand against an overwhelming enemy. Following its defeat at the Battle of Yavin, the Empire has tightened its grip on the surrounding systems. Nearby, a secret Rebel base on Arda I hides in the shadows of a twisting canyon known as the Gauntlet, seemingly safe from planetary sensor scans. When Imperial Star Destroyers appear in orbit, the Rebels are caught by surprise and scramble to evacuate before they are overrun... It falls to a group of new recruits to defend the base from the Imperial onslaught. But the ensuing battle is only the beginning, as evidence of treachery emerges from the fog of war. This 96-page adventure is set at Arda I, a secret Rebel Base and features mass-combat rules that Game Master's can use to give life to massive battles. Meanwhile, in-depth gazetteers cover the Arda I base, as well as all-new adversary and vehicle profiles!

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