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Privacy policy

The short version: We won't sell or give away your information unless required to do so by law!

The longer version:

This privacy policy explains how The Relentless Dragon may use and will protect any information that you provide us, either intentionally or otherwise, when you use this website. The Relentless Dragon is pro-privacy, and we are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. In the event that we ask you to provide personally identifying information, you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

Please note that we may change this policy by updating this page. Please check back periodically for any possible updates.

Information that we collect:

We may collect the following information in order to better serve you:

  • Your Name.
  • Your contact information, including billing and shipping addresses, email address, and phone number (used for shipping and shipping notifications).
  • Interest and preference information you freely provide, such as your gaming interests.
  • Any other information you provide when completing voluntary surveys.

What we do with this information:

We need the above information to:

  • Better understand your and other customers’ needs.
  • To provide you with excellent customer service.
  • Our own internal record keeping.
  • To improve our products and services.
  • To contact you with necessary communication regarding your purchase(s).
  • To contact you by email for market research purposes in order to improve our offerings and services. You may choose not to receive these messages at any time. We will not contact you by phone for market research purposes.
  • We may, with your permission, send promotional emails detailing new products, special offers, or other information. You may choose not to receive these voluntary messages at any time.

Information security:

The security of your information is of great importance to us. To prevent unauthorized access, we protect your information with physical and electronic barriers, as well as personnel procedures.

Use of cookies:

“An HTTP cookie (usually just called a cookie) is a simple computer file made of text. The information stored by cookies can be used to personalize the experience when using a website. A website can use (the information used by) cookies to find out if someone has visited a website before and record information (data) about what they did.

When someone is using a computer to browse a website, a personalized cookie file can be sent from the website’s server to the person’s computer. The cookie is stored in the web browser on the person’s computer. At some time in the future, the person may browse that website again. The website can send a message to the person’s browser, asking if a cookie from the website is already stored in the browser. If a cookie is found, then the data that was stored in the cookie before can be used by the website to tell the website about the person’s previous activity. Some examples where cookies are used include shopping carts, automatic login and remembering which advertisements have already been shown.” [source: Simple English Wikipedia]

Cookies enable us to provide you with a better customer experience on our website. They do not allow us to access your computer or give us any information about you personally, other than information you specifically choose to share with us. You may choose not to accept cookies, though this may prevent you from fully utilizing the website.

External links to other websites:

Sometimes we link to other websites we find interesting, and think may be of interest to our customers. We do not control external websites, and any information you share with other websites to which we link is not under our control or security.

How to control your personal information:

When you make a purchase on our website, fill out a contact form or survey, or email us, we store any personally identifying information that you choose to provide. If you do not want us to use this information to contact you for marketing purposes, just let us know—either at the time you submit the information or at any time thereafter.

We will not sell, lease, or give away your personal information to any third party unless you either consent or we are required to do so by law.

If you believe that information we have for you is incorrect, please email us with corrected information at [email protected]. If you have never purchased from us, and wish to be removed completely from our database, you may contact us at the same address.