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1 General Questions
1.1 Where are you located?

Our store is located at 483 Amherst St., in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA.

1.2 How long does it take to ship my purchase?

Except in unusual circumstances, most shipments are sent out within one to two "business days" of receipt. So if you place an order on Monday morning, it will likely ship on Monday or Tuesday. If you place an order on a Friday afternoon, or the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, it probably won't ship until Monday, when shipping companies are open.

1.3 What shipping carriers do you use?

We generally use only the US Postal Service and UPS, as these are the fastest and least expensive from our location. FedEx shipping is also available, but may result in a shipping delay.

1.4 Can I pick up my purchases in person?

Yes! If you're local, or plan to be in the area, you're absolutely welcome to come into the store to pick up your purchases. If you plan to come in immediately after purchasing, please give us a call at 603-204-5275, and we'll have your purchase waiting for you within a few minutes.

1.5 Are all the products you sell in-stock?

If the online store indicates a product is in-stock, and it isn't labeled or described as a pre-order, it's probably actually in the store or at a nearby storage location. Some items labeled "Special Order" may actually be in the store, ready to ship.

Items labeled "Pre-Order" are solicitations for future product releases that we do not yet have in our possession, but have ordered from a distributor or the manufacturer and expect to receive later.

Some products that are associated with events are available only on or after the date of the event. Paint-and-Take special models are an example of these products.

1.6 Can I buy a gift certificate online to use in the store?

Yes, gift certificates bought either online or in the store are valid for both methods of purchase. So if you live in California and want to purchase a birthday gift for your friend who is local to us to use in the store, you may absolutely do that! :)