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Microsoft Pre-Owned: XBOX 360: Madden NFL 09

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Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation, Madden NFL 09 delivers its most assessable football packageever for the Nintendo Wii, combining EA SPORTS All Play—featuring easy-to-use gameplaycontrols—with an all-new playcalling system tailored to fit the playing style of all skill levels. Elevateyour game by creating plays with the Wii Remote, then rejoice in your success by throwing together unique user-controlled celebration. With all-new 5-on-5 mode, an improved tackling system, realtimecoaching tips, turn friends and family into your biggest rivals with Madden NFL 09.FEATURES

  • Fun, Accessible EA SPORTS All Play—With or without the Nunchuk, anybody can dominate the game like a pro with EA SPORTS All Play. An all-new Wii exclusive playcalling system featuring simplified one-button controls and new assisted player movement make Madden NFL 09 the most accessible Wii football game ever.
  • All-New 5-on-5 Mode—Neighborhood-style tackle football jumps to life exclusively on the Wii. Fastpaced gameplay and a smaller playing field deliver high-scoring games that are over-the-top and inyour- face. A new custom field and arcade-style NFL players await you!
  • All-New Playcalling—Players of all skill levels can be competitive by calling plays from three unique playbooks, ranging from Easy to Advanced. Intelligent Coach Tips provide instant feedback to help you become a better player on the fly.
  • Call Your Shot—Unleash the power of the Wii Remote by creating your own passing plays in realtime. Select a receiver then point to a spot on-screen showing players where to run.
  • Celebrate Your Success—Score a touchdown or deliver a drive-killing sack to trigger all-new celebration moments. Pump up the crowd even more by creating your own signature celebration using the Wiimote or Nunchuk.
  • Improved Tackling System—It's now even easier to pull off momentum-changing tackles on defense. Swing the Wii Remote in any direction and watch as your defender targets in on the ball carrier and lays down a bone-jarring hit.

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