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Pre-Owned: Castles & Crusades: Players Handbook

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This book contains everything needed to create heroic characters and enter a world of fantastic adventure. A world where brave adventurers battle ancient dragons, descend into dungeons in search of treasure and glory, and rescue mystic artifacts from the clutches of evil wizards.

Easy-to-learn, fast and fun to play, Castles & Crusades is the game for those who enjoy tales of high adventure and epic fantasy.

Castles & Crusades' easy-to-learn attribute-based rules system allows players to choose among 13 archetypal character classes and 7 races to create their characters. Spells, equipment, fast-paced combat rules, and all the essential information needed for the players of Castles & Crusades is in this book.

Gather some friends, grab some dice, and unleash your imagination - You're entering the grand adventure that is Castles & Crusades!

You are limited only by your imagination.

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