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Endless Games Pre-Owned: AKA: Also Known As

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AKA is the great new party game where you try to guess people, places and things from words that mean the same thing! Have you ever played the children's game Also Known As “Warm Spud”? Do you know the dog breed Also Known As “Prizefighter”? Of course, you'd know these as HOT POTATO and BOXER! You know…like the 1990s romantic comedy AKA “Insomnia in the Pacific Northwest” or the superhero AKA “Arachnid Guy”! Or even the kitchen appliance AKA “Tiny Non-Verbal Greeting”. Take your best guess! Do you know what these are Also Known As?

324 “Main Round” AKA Cards
162 “Final Round” AKA Cards
1 Wipe-off Scoreboard
1 Dry-Erase Marker
1 60-Second Sand Timer

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