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Pirate Lab Pirate Lab: Snip Foam for Miniatures: Full Size: 2" Deep

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Product description

Pirate Lab's Snip Foam for Miniatures is an easy way to protect your miniature or figurines collection. This snip foam is 2 inches deep and designed for full-size (15.5″ x 12″) carrying cases. These trays are designed to be cut to specific heights as well as specific depths for the most secure hold possible for those hard-to-contain miniatures – cradle your figures in perfectly-sized compartments by cutting your foam to the exact depth to secure small parts and appendages. The walls are spaced 15 mm apart and won't move – because they're glued in place, you'll have no more worries about figures spilling between compartments. Pirate Lab's innovative new foam gives you ultimate flexibility when designing a carrying system for your army.

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