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Gale Force 9

Gale Force 9 Pathfinder: Level 20

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Product description

Here you are, minding your own business with some of your best friends, enjoying some leftover scraps when you hear the most terrifying words you've ever heard. "I just need a few XP to hit Level 20." In Level 20 players take on the role of Kobolds, trying to escape an XP hungry fighter or cause him to flee their den in embarrassment. Pathfinder: Level 20 is a game of mischief and survival. Will you make the hero flee, or end up on the end of his sword?

Level 20 is a chaotic game, where players control kobolds fleeing from a fighter just a few XP short of reaching level 20. The players will need to search through junk piles to find treasure to help them stay alive, whilst embarrassing the fighter into running away – or sabotaging their fellow kobolds! The winner is the kobold who makes the fighters flee – or the last kobold standing.

Everything you need is contained in the box!

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Game Board
  • 16 Junk Tokens
  • 20 Obstacle Tokens
  • 34 Playing Cards
  • 8 Standees with plastic bases

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