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Asmadi One Deck Dungeon: Abyssal Depths

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Product description

One Deck Dungeon: Abyssal Depths is a new mini-expansion for One Deck Dungeon. It adds six new Fiend cards and three new Heroes which can be used with either One Deck Dungeon, or its stand-alone expansion Forest of Shadows. The new rules for Fiends give players a fresh new way to explore the dungeons and is full of tactical and strategic choices to be made about how they'll tackle the new threats!

As a mini-expansion, Abyssal Depths requires the base game to play, and has a suggested retail price of $8. Abyssal Depths will be going direct to retail, with no crowdfunding campaign. It comes in a package with the cards intended to be added directly to the core game's box with no additional storage required!

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