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Blue Orange Games

Blue Orange Games Dragon Market Board Game

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Product description

Princess Xue is the Princess of Dragon's Bay, and her wedding is this weekend. For this occasion, you have sent your heir on a quest for gifts for the Princess. This is quite a fun adventure for him: running and jumping from Boat to Boat to collect all the best treasures from under the nose of the other families' heirs.

Collect the Merchandise pictured on your Objective Card and return to your pontoon to keep the item safe. The first player to complete 2 Objective Cards wins the game.


  • Board
  • 10 Boats
  • 4 Heirs (Colored pieces)
  • 2 Dice
  • 40 Merchandise Tokens
  • 12 Coins
  • 13 Red Objective Cards
  • 10 Blue Objective Cards

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