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Smirk & Dagger

Smirk & Dagger Cutthroat Caverns: Fresh Meat Expansion 4

SND 0045
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Product description

Fresh Meat, the long-anticipated fourth expansion to Cutthroat Caverns, is truly an expansion "of the fans, for the fans" as it includes everything players have been begging us for, including 12 unique pre-generated characters, 34 Reputation cards that can be used to custom create your own unique characters, 13 new cards for the main deck (a first), 23 nasty new Encounters (the most offered in any expansion to date, many of which were inspired by fans in our "Create an Encounter" contest) 7 new Events, 12 new Relics, a new custom character mechanism, and a giant Battle Box in which to store your entire Cutthroat Caverns collection.

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