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Monolith Board Games LLC Batman: Gotham City Chronicles: Versus Expansion (Kickstarter Exclusive Packaging)

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Good versus evil. Light versus darkness. Heroes versus villains. Opposition is the core of the Batman universe. Sometimes villains turn to heroes and heroes to villains, blurring the lines, but the dichotomy is always there.

To represent this opposition, this is a whole new mode which pits one player against another, each of them controlling their forces through their own command board, giving a more “skirmish” feel to the game. This mode adds an activation pool with a recovery system (very much like the Reserve and Fatigue zones work), dictating the pace of the game by allowing the player to decide how many tiles they want to activate each turn.

This expansion includes an additional plastic command board, 20 activation disks, and 55 tiles to play the Hero's characters. It also adds 12 ally miniatures on the heroes' side, boosting their forces to face the already numerous goons of the villain's side. Finally, the expansion comes with 8 dedicated scenarios and, of course, the rules to play the Versus mode.

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