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Magpie Games Avatar Legends the RPG: Combat Action Deck

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The Combat Action Deck is a supplement for Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game featuring55 cards of player and GM stance cards, and status cards.

Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game features expert fightersbe they flame-wielding Firebenders, ice-throwing Waterbenders, or mech-driving Technologists Eventually, theyll face foes who wont quit without a fight.

Thats when combat exchanges begin, and the heroes brawl, maneuver, and strike against their foes The Combat Action Deck makes combat exchanges as smooth and easy to play as possible. The Combat Action Deck includes:

9 sets of stance cards, one for each player and three for the GM

The basic techniques tied to each stance card

Art of your favorite legendary characters

28 status cards to track whether youre Empowered, Doomed, Favored, and more

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