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Games Workshop Age of Sigmar: Core Book (3rd Edition)

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This book tells the unfolding story of the Mortal Realms, from the epic events of the Age of Myth to civilization's struggle to thrive in the Age of Sigmar. Inside, you will find inspiring showcases of Citadel Miniatures, thrilling stories and detailed maps of the realms, as well as rules that allow you to fight Warhammer Age of Sigmar battles on the tabletop, featuring:

  • The core rules for playing Warhammer Age of Sigmar.
  • Open War - an open play battlepack that features a battleplan generator so that none of your battles need ever be the same.
  • Path to Glory- a narrative play battlepack that allows you to develop your army over the course of a quest-driven campaign.
  • Contest of Generals - a Matched play battlepack that gives you all the tools you need to fight balanced battles.

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